Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Reflections about stuff (literally)!

Well I have been thinking; I know scary right....

I have a ton of books and a ton of fabric, humm.  I think for the upcoming new year I will try to make at least one project from each book that I have.  This may take more than a year I am sure,  but this way I can feel like I haven't thrown this money away and it will also help out my fabric hoarding situation.  So yall think about it and pick out some of your books or magazines and lets plan to actually use some of the resources we have.  I wouldn't dream of starting anything before Christmas so that will give us all plenty of time to get all those hand-made gifts ready without adding on some other projects.  Have a great Wednesday!


  1. I liked your challenge. Quick question though, If I've already used that book to make a project, can I skip that particular book. I have sooo many books, some of which have been used for multiple projects, others I just page through for inspiration....colours, patterns...sizes, uses etc. Can't wait to see how many projects you complete from your books.

    1. My thoughts were to get a few books (so not to overwhelm myself) maybe 5-7 that have some stuff I would really enjoy trying out. Maybe even something new I would say at least 1 good challenge that you normally wouldn't try but have always wanted to. I so want to make a bag of some sort and for some reason been scared of it so that may be the 1st thing I do. I even thought about trying to make a skirt or something for my daughter. Then a I could see a couple of nice quilts that maybe a little challenging. It is whatever you want! I will for sure start something on it. I think it would be great to show off what we did and what worked and didn't for us. Help each other along. It wouldn't surprise me if we all had some of the same books :) I have been flipping through some books thinking about it.


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