Sunday, April 17, 2016

And the winner is...

The winner of the Mod Block Book/Magizine is lalaluu.  I have sent you an email so please get me your contact info.  Thank you all for stopping by. I have been looking around the studio for some more doubles of things I have.  I will try to do another giveaway soon. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.  We just got done canning some strawberry jelly.  Nothing like waiting till it really warmed up.  We have this house so hot we have discussed the air conditioner but alas will not do it.  Thanks again and see you back here soon!


Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sew South and giveaway

Well hello there!

In typical fashion it has been a while.  I have to say my life is cray cray right now.  I got back from sew south which was fantastic as always.  Then I got back to work and its been a whirlwind ever since.  I have gotten a different job.  Its a promotion (yeah me), and it is also a brand new job to our agency.  Which kinda means no one is sure where to begin.  There are 5 new positions regarding mine within our region.  We are all in house hires, but that means we would leave someplace short handed and right now is crunch time.  What does all that mean, well it means nothing but the pay will change for a while like at least a month or so.  I think it will be a great job when it gets going.  My new title is Conservation Planner Specialist.  I am not sure if it is as fancy of a gig as that seems to sound, but it should be pretty cool.  I get to be outside and talk to people about their properties and their farming operations so that will be great.  I am a talker and I like to be outside so win win!  On to sew south;  I didn't take hardly any pictures.  I was so busy giggling with new and ole friends and sewing I didn't even think about it.  The post the most lovely hostess with the mostest Jenifer made about our weekend is here.  She is also hosting more and that info is here.  I will not be able to attend those dates, but I am banking on a fall 2017.  I am going to Quilt Con next year or bust!  I also have another retreat in Aug 2016.  Me and the small child are going on a school trip to DC in March 2017 so that time frame is pretty booked and my bank account pretty low lol!  So some pics (there are more on my Instagram imperfectly_perfect_quilts) of sew south below.  Oh before I go there I am super excited.  I am sewing up a quilt for art gallery fabrics eeeekkkkkk!!!!!  They are my favorite and I am loving the stuff they sent me.  I am not allowed to show anything which is a bummer.  I can do some sneak peaks on my Instagram.  I can say it is their denim line and OMG that stuff is wow!  So it will be displayed at quilt market is my understanding so if anyone out there is going and could snap me a pic (please and thank you)!  Ok Sew South Pics:


My door prize Thank you FQS!
My magnet project!
Our snap pouch project.

Love these!  Another project!

Travel Handmade

 Friends!  Sewing Friends are the Best of Friends!

I had the best time and if you get a chance go you will love it, and you will make friends for a lifetime!  I can't wait to see these girls again down the road!  Love them all!

The giveaway well in the craziness which is my life now I ordered 2 copies of the Missouri Star Mod Block magazine.  I do not need two copies so I will be giving one away to a lovely reader.  Just leave me any ole comment for an entry and if you follow let me know for an additional entry.   Don't be a no reply or I will have to move on if you win.  I will leave it open till next Sunday the 17th.  Thanks for stopping by and good luck.  Oh I will send this anywhere if you win so all are welcome.  Thanks

ModBlock Magazine - Volume 2 Issue 1