Sunday, February 7, 2016

Works in Progress

As the title reflects, I have been trying to get these under control.  WIPs we all have them, and I know we do!  It is just something quilters do.  We start a ton of projects before we finish other ones.  I am not sure why.  For me, I think I get immediately inspired about something and I have to do it right then.  I am not one to make resolutions really.  I am not sure the point of them.  I guess my goal for this year is to get some of these under control.  So to actually do this I have been skipping out on signing up for a bunch of swaps.  I thought I would be missing out, but it is surprisingly freeing.  I was one of those that signed up for every swap from day one of quilting.  I literally never sewed anything for myself.  Needless to say I was stressed.  I am so laid back with my sewing lately and really taking in the entire process.  Really learning my style and technique.  I have to say I have learned so much from myself and just being able to think things through, design my own thing and really learn what works best for me.  I would recommend it.  I did a scrap bag swap which was actually great.  I am also working on some secret sister sewing for an up coming retreat, but that is it!  No monthly swaps right now.  If I see one that really speaks to me I will, but I am not worried about it at this point. 

I do not have any finishes to show you.  I have some WIPs.  One in fact.  I am still working on BOMs from 2+ years ago as I mentioned in my last post.

With all that said I did start a new project, which I am fixing to put in the WIP pile and hopefully finish at a retreat I am going to next moth (more on that later).  I have some tips I will be mentioning with this particular project.  I decided to try out the 10"slicer from Crafty Gemini.  As you may know I am in Vanessa's quilt club, which I love.  We have also met in person at a retreat she did, and I consider her a quilty friend indeed!  I have at the slicer since the November 2015 Quilty Box, which Vanessa curated and it was fabulous.  I just have not had a chance to dig into it yet.  I used the tutorial from the craft mummy here.  So lets take a look!

First off here is what the slicer looks like.  It is made to be used with Layer Cakes (10" square precuts).  Vanessa has a ton of info on the her web site about the slicer

I used a layer cake by Elizabeth Hartman called Rhoda Ruth.  Now as the title of the block implies (Wonky Cross Block) it is wonky.  So how does one square up a block that is wonky on all sides and no straight edge to start with.  Well here is how I do it.  

As you can see the constructions leaves some weird edges.  This is due to not all precuts being equal,  operator error, bias cutting, and well It just happens!  I actually glue basted all these seams to help keep the smaller pieces from going crazy and it worked great. As you can tell there are no straight edges to square with.  

I used my 12.5 square ruler and the 45 degree line to help me.  As you can hopefully see I lined the angle up not the edges.  I wanted my blocks to be 8.5 so I match my 45 up so that all the way around I had at least the 8.5 marks all covered by the block.  I then made my 1st 2 cuts on the right side and top of the ruler.

Next you can just line up the 8.5 mark as usual along the bottom and left side.  The square up the remaining right and top side of the block.  There really is not much waste at all with these blocks.  I love this fabric line it made the contrast really looks good! 

My daughter and I decided that white 1" sashing just along the sides and a 2" boarder of one of the prints would be a great layout for this quilt.  She likes to help me design :).  Like I said I think I will pack this one to finish the top at the retreat.  I like to have a something I know I can finish.  It is a little disappointing to not have a finished product when leaving a retreat.  Basically I will cut my strips and have that ready to just sew it all up and have a fast finish for the show and tell part.  If I am lucky I can have more than one finish, but I like to have a guarantee.  I will discuss preparing for a retreat in a later post. 

Thanks for stopping by!  Again if anyone is out there I would love an encouraging comment. Just to know someone is reading.  It does take some time to plan each post, and I am not sure if I am talking to myself or not.  Thanks yall!  Have a blessed week! 


Sunday, January 24, 2016

Winter Week is here

Wow what a week.  I have not put a full days work in this entire week with this winter weather.  Not that I am at all complaining!  I have been sewing my heart out.  I even sprang for a massage this week, which has really helped with my headaches!  Woo hoo relief! 

On to the projects:

These are Sugar Blocks for January of 2013, 2014, and 2016.  There was not a 2015 club.  As you can see I am way behind.  I thought I would just do them all at once and actually finish it this year!  You can find the information for 2016 Sugar Block club by Amy Gibson here.  It is a free Block of the Month and I have to say the 1st month is super cute so far!  Give it a try and tell Amy I sent you! 

Next up:

 This is the January Project for the Crafty Genini Quilt Club, information here.  I have to say I love this project.  The above I sent in a scrap bag fabric swap.  The next one here in the Mixology I made for my lil sweet pea to keep her homework list in.  The last one I made to match my purse I made.  Info for that in my last blog post here

The last projects I have been working on are from yet another quilt club, info here
 These tea towels were so fast and easy.  I absolutely love them!  Can't wait to see the next pattern.
As you can see this is not quilted, but I do have my quilt lines drawn out.  The pattern is called broken dishes, and yes that one block is supposed to be turned that way.  I think I will make this a wall hanging for a bathroom in the house.  It would be perfect.

As you can see I am in a lot of clubs.  I do this because I have no guild or anyone at all close to me that quilts or sews for that matter.  It is so wonderful to have this technology to connect with wonderful sewing friends.  Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you like all my projects and snow sewing!  Let me know what yall have been working on.  It has been super quiet on my posts lately.  Thanks and have a blessed week!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Beautiful Winter

Well I don't know about where yall live but Jan has been pretty mild so far.  We did have a bout of a lot of rain, but it has been in the 60s.  However next week it will be brutally cold; high Monday 28 EEK!  I am having a long weekend with a holiday and I have some appointments so at least from work I will get 4 days off.  I plan to sew a bunch if I can.  Things never turn out the way I plan, but I have hope to get a few small projects done! 

I have a few finishes to show:

This is my version of the January bag in the Bag of the Month Club  the pattern is by Betz White.  It is so great and I love the bag.  I do kinda hate the twist closure that you have to screw together.  It was a super challenge.  I will make this again and hopefully sell the bag.  I really have to get my input costs down for sure.  Uggh stress!

A finish I am super proud of and is quilty related is our door!

 How cool is that!  We have been in our house for 2.5 years and finally got around to doing one of the doors in our basement.  Our basement is very rustic and done in old barn wood and tin.  All the interior windows and doors came out of a very old house on my parents' farm.  The husband in all his cuteness said lets do them in quilt block patterns!  Um what!  Of course that is perfect (and so is he sigh...)  This is our 1st attempt and I love it!  This is a faux stained glass process. 

Well that looks like all for now.  I hope to have a productive weekend and more finishes coming soon!  Blessings to you all! 

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year! New Plans for 2016

Well I hope everyone had a very safe New Years Eve and are recovering nicely today :)!  We had my brother's family over and played cards and watched 80s movies.  I made it till probably 11:15 pm lol!  We had fun and everyone is safe so it was fabulous! 

I was a sewing mad woman this Christmas and did many handmade items.  2 quilts several bags and other items!  Here are a few as I am bad about getting pictures. 

There is the envelope quilt which I called Letters from Home and it just kind of happened.  I did not have a pattern although I am sure there are several out there.  The next is the Runaround bag that is a Craftsy class Zip it Up!  Then a Christmas tree table runner that MSQC made a tutorial on here.  Then the Jenna tote which is one of my fav patterns found here.  Then the barn star quilt pattern by Amy Gibson of Stitchory Dickory Dock pattern here.  There were others but alas it was a very busy time. 

 I must share some gifts I received from my wonderful husband.  For my birthday and Christmas. 

He handmade me a quilt ladder and a sewing table.  WHAT!!!!  The sewing table is from wood cut off our place even!  How totally awesome is that?!  I love him he totally gets me :) !

So what is new for 2016.  Well I plan to sew bags and other items to sell.  This is a huge step for me and I am very nervous if this is something I will like.  I have a fortune in sewing supplies and need to actually turn some type of income to support my habit lol!  My husband has been very supportive (pushing me) to do this, and it is is probably time.  I have a lot of requests for my bags and I think it will be ok.  I have decided to only do in-stock bags and not custom orders.  I think that will be much less stressful.  I think I will start on Etsy, but I have had an offer to place items in a local store here as well so I will need to think about that and the details that come with that.  I have made forms to figure up my time and materials per bag pattern and then decide on price.  I am not sure when I will launch everything but it will be this year.  I may even do some craft shows.  I need to get some wholesale accounts set up and it is a process.  Wish me luck! 

Another thing is I plan to do much better with blogging this every few month deal is not cutting it.  I do post more on Instagram, but I feel blogging has taken a hit and less information is passed on IG than on the blogs.  Organization will be key so that is why I jumped on the Quilter's Planner band wagon.  Just click the name and learn all about it.  I am super happy with mine and feel like it is a perfect fit!  I love it. 

So look for more interactions from me and the launch of my Etsy site.  I am super excited and I am super open to any tips and tricks with Etsy or starting a handmade business anyone has to offer.!  With the launch of all the new I decided to have a new email to be strictly business.  You can reach me at

 Thank you all for staying followers and have a very blessed New Year!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

And the winner is...

The winner is Andrea York.  I sent you a message to get your address. Congrats!

Oh no deer yet but we will be trying again this afternoon!  Thanks everyone!

Sunday, November 1, 2015


I decided to get to the point in the title.  Hey its the most important, and I know it.  It always catches my eye on a blog for sure.  I will post details at the end so you can either scroll on down or just suffer through :).

My computer is back up and running, however the f button is sticky, and well it is the f button.  I hope to catch all missing f's but i not you know why.  I have been working my little fingers to the bone, well not really, but I have been sewing a lot. 

I have to say people really and truly do not understand my fascination with sewing and fabric.  I see it when they look at me like I am the craziest person they know (which is saying a LOT).  I really don't care though lol!  I have something I love to do, and it makes me happy.  I am however constantly asked about selling something.  I have yet to get into this realm of things.  Frankly it scares the shit out of me (sorry for the language).  I really do love the relaxation part the most and I am terrified that when it becomes work, well it will be work.  I have decided that I think I will sell bags/totes and maybe small items.  I will not take custom orders and will only sell from inventory.  I think at 1st I will sell on social media, and then a friend has a shop that she really wants me to put some bags in.  If that goes well I guess I will take it to Etsy.  I plan to really well plan this out.  I will make a few bags and time everything and document all materials used.  I am not about to do something I am not all that crazy about (charging people) and lose money right off the bat.  Hence the not selling of quilts.  I just feel it would be very difficult, in my area, to sell a quilt and not lose money on the fabric cost alone.  Anyway that is the plan and I will keep you posted.

What have I been working on:

This is the Jena Tote by sotak handmade.  I tested this pattern and LOVE this bag.  It is so roomy, and I get so many compliments on it.  As you can see I used my horded Nordika fabric by Jeni Baker for Art Gallery.  This is probably my favorite fabric if there is such a thing. 

We did a lovely kids swap of trick or treat bags this time.  Here is what my lovely made:

How stinking cute is this.  She made it lined and we just kinda make it up.  It is reversible and I would be happy to tick or treat with such a bag!  The bag she received was equally as cute and as you can see she really liked it!  
I literally just finished making these placemats for a swap.  This one is for a gentleman.  I sure hope he likes them.  I made them using scraps and crossroads denim. This stuff is Amazing I mean for real. 

The lighting is not great as it is dark, but look how wonderful the quilting looks on the denim.  

I have a quilt that I had MSQC quilt for me when I was there or the last retreat I went to.  I have had it back for some time and bound about 1/4 of it.  I have been go go go!  I really need to get that done.  

Ok so congrats on making it this far or well just scrolling down.  It is giveaway time.  I said in the last blog post it is a decent one.  Here are the pics, and I do apologize, but I can not send across the way.  Postage is crazy expensive these days.  As bad as I hate it, open to US only :(!

 This is seriously beautiful fabric and I hate to part with it.  Leave me a comment.  Anything will do and if you follow tell me how for an extra entry.  I will leave it open till Nov 7th and let my daughter pick a number between 1 and whatever the amount is.  It is the youth hunt this weekend so maybe the luck will rub off on her :)!

Thanks again for hanging in there with me!  Have a great week everyone!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Too Busy to blog

Well the trusty ole computer is down and out again.  I am not sure if this is a reflection of the operators or the quality of the product.  This will be the 3rd hard drive put in this machine so I like to think it is the product.  Alas I am on a tablet. This is probably how most people internet these days, but not this girl!  I am struggling wth a small or no keyboard and figuring out where everything is.  I am not a huge change person on daily routines anyway.  Strangely I do better when change is huge life changing not my day to day stuff.  

I plan to do a giveaway when my computer comes back and not some small one  I will make it a nice one as it has been a while and if your still with me you deserve it.  

I went to a quilt retreat and will do a whole post on it when I have my computer.  It was AMAZING.  I went to the Missouri Star Quilt Company!  That has to be a quilters paradise!!!  It was a joint retreat with Vanessa from Crafty Gemini and Jenny!  Can it be more cool than that?  I think not!!!!

I have so many projects going on right now it is silly!  I did get one phot on this contraption of one of the projects.

It is called the T block and is a tutorial from Missouri star.  I got the top done and had to put it aside for my daughter and her Halloween swap, as well as, some secret sewing.  Yall know I love pattern testing!  

I am also trying for a new job.  Well my own office really.  So please pray for good news.  It is time and I am so ready!

I have no estimate on the computer as my friends husband is working on it so you really cant put a time line on a favor.  I wish everyone a wonderful day and I hope yall are getting some of this beautiful fall weather.  We could use some rain here been a least a month if not longer!