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I have been around sewing my whole life, but none of it actually sank in till about March of  2012 when I decided that I wanted to start quilting.  My grandparents quilted and no one else in the family did so I didn't want it to be lost.  I have some of my grandparents quilts and could not be happier to have them.  I want to carry that on in my family.  I also quilt and sew to just de-stress!  It really is my special time :).  I have recently got into bag making and am so in love with that process! 

Some personal stuff....
Well I am a working mother.  I am a wildlife biologist/conservationist and have a lovely 13 year old daughter, whom also likes to quilt.  I live in VERY rural Arkansas with my daughter and husband.  We raise cattle, pigs, horses, chickens, and dogs.  We hunt, like we all hunt.  It is a huge part of our fall life.  Most of our properties are actually devoted to wildlife habitat. So the occasional hunting pictures will be posted.  If that is not your thing that is fine.  My husband and I are both certified Wildlife Biologist, and I have a MS is Wildlife Ecology and Management so please do not try to get into a debate with me about it. :)  We grow all our own beef and pork.  We plan to branch out into chicken soon.  Our current chicken's are layers.  We of course supplement our meat with wild game and fish.  We garden and can foods each year.  I am also a couponer, so we have a nice pantry.  As you can see we are very busy, like all the time!  My daughter is also in martial arts which is 3 days a week.  We are always on the go!  Which is why sewing is my de-stress as mentioned above.

Why blog...
Well I am somewhat new to quilting and all that goes with it.  As also mentioned I live extremely rural.  Not any quilt guilds around here.  The closest one to me is an hour away and meets on a Wednesday morning.  Not really good for the working out of the home folks.  So online is my guild and community of fellow makers!   I have not taken any quilt classes (other than online) and pretty much just jumped in with both feet.  So thanks for stopping by, and feel free to ask any questions!  

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  1. Hey Stephanie, congratulations on winning the $50 GC from FQS in the Know Thy Machine Blog Hop! I could not find your email address. Please drop me a mail so that I can email you your GC#!
    Cheers from India


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