Sunday, January 22, 2017


And the winner is.....

I already follow you on Bloglovin 

Miss Betsy I have sent you an email!  

Thank you so much to everyone and their scrap storage ideas.  I think I am only going to keep good sized scraps and try to once a month cut them into usable squares and shapes.  We will see if that ever gets started lol.  

I had planned to discuss some quilting retreats today but to be honest my head is hurting and I am just not up to it.  As you may know I have chronic migraines so its just part of it.  So instead I want to show you what I am finishing up for this week.  I have yet to open my etsy.  I really think my heart is not in it yet.  I am trying to get some inventory in stock so to speak so I am not super rushed or anything. Less stress!  This is my phase of the year.  So I made this lovely quilt...

This quilt is a free tutorial from Vanessa at the Crafty Gemini.  You can find it here.  It is super easy!  I think it would be a good one for anyone.  Great size too for just everyday lap, larger baby or toddler.  I decided to do something I haven't done before and that is tie this.  I used lammie fabric on the back which is kinda thick and soft, so I didn't use batting.  

This is the yarn I chose.  I knitted the small child a headband with this and had some left over and it matched perfectly.
I decided to only tie in the little background squares.  More on that white tread below.  Awesome tip!
I used a tapestry needle which may have been a bit large but I can't see to thread anyhow.
such a pretty background
And there you have it.  I did of course trim the yarn.
 I plan on binding this is a lovely aqua and will post as soon as it is finished on my instagram 
Please follow me over there to keep up with quick things and pictures.  

So this really awesome like mind blowing tip!  That little white thread above is what I used to thread my yarn with.  I got this tip from Mary Fons on this youtube video. 

Have a great week all.  I start a new job tomorrow (same job title and pay) at a different location and area.  So basically I have never worked with these people.  It is so close to home so I can't complain!  Thanks to all the folks who entered the giveaway and talk to you next week!


Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Ok here is what I have decided to giveaway in celebration of the clean sewing room.  It is a layer cake with pattern, FQ bundle, and a big scrap bag (not pictured) you can comment here.  Tell me how to organize my scraps or whatever and if you follow let me know with an extra entry.  Make sure I can contact you if you win.  Open till 21st!  Thanks

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sewing room reveal and giveaway to celebrate!

Finally and I do mean finally back in the sewing room.  3 long weeks without sewing was not good at all!  So here are the photos of the room.  Keep in mind the room is 8'x8'. 

walking into the room.  Also on the left going to put shelves
the outside wall with the juki

Love the peg board.
This is in the corner behind the door.  I need some shelving here as well. 

 I love it and the lay out.  Now don't think it will ever stay this way, clean I mean.  Also don't think this is where all my sewing stuff stays.  We have a spare bedroom and a basement lol.  The spare bed room looks like this. 

 So the closet is stuff that is staying and the entire rest of the room of fabric are thing for sell on my ebay accounts (sdd1997 or woodrow16haands)  This undertaking has been huge.  I actually am having decent success at getting rid of all these lovely fabric items I need to go to a good home. I have also decided to get rid of some scraps as well.  I am terrible at using scraps at all! 

I know people sell scraps for a LOT more than that but I am on a purge spree so there you have it.  

I even have a finished project to show.  As soon as I got moved in I had to get something going.  

This bag is HUGE like so huge.  I kinda love it though.  I used flex foam and went a little rough on the whole thing put it is basically super similar to the patter I just didn't follow the directions like at all.  

So now a give away.  I will be giving away a scrap bag and a mixed designer fat quarter bundle.  I haven't gotten everything together but it will be a good sized group as you know 2017 is apparently the year of letting go, at least of fabric.  Leave me a message with you scrap organization tips if you like.  If you follow you get an extra entry just let me know.  Make sure I can contact you.  Comments will end the 21st and I will pick the 22nd.  Thank you all so much!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

How does one accumulate so much fabric?

But really how?

So today's plan for this post was the big sewing room reveal, but yeah not so much.  I am still cleaning, organizing and destashing.  I feel like I have never actually used any fabric, like I must have dreamed any projects I have done because there is no way I actually had more fabric than this.  The great fabric destash is still going on and I am not real sure I see an end in site.  My eBay accounts are here and here. Lets not even talk about scraps. or lets.  I must have every scrap of fabric I have ever used, so I will be filling up large flat rate envelopes and selling them for very very little I am actually thinking like $5 plus shipping.  There are huge scraps and some smaller squares.  I have literally 2 full trash bags full.  I took them out of all the storage bins.  I see people selling scraps for like $20+ and I just want them to go to a good home where they can be used.  It is crystal clear that is not here.  Look for all those postings to come.

So I have in progress pictures again.  I have not sewn in 2 weeks and I am extremely cranky lol.  I am really hoping to get my machine back next week from the spa, but my table my sweety made me last year cracked.  We think it was the climate control change from the shop to here we now know how to avoid this and he is putting a new top on it.  Which with the beautiful work table he mad I will use it until the other is ready.  So this is my real life sewing situation for now.  I think I will get some things together for a giveaway.  A New Year New You giveaway so be on the lookout for that too.  Maybe a scrap bag and some type of bundle maybe even a notion or two.  To celebrate my new space! 

This is my shipping and sorting station/ ironing board! 
This was once a spare bedroom!
The most versatile item ever for a quilter... ironing board!

Current state of ssewing room!

This is the only thing in basically the whole house in some sort of order!

Living room uggh!  Its everywhere!

But then this happened and made everything better!  My sweet girl is a hunter!  Just look at that big smile!
So that is what has been going on this week.  Crazy town for sure! I hope everyone has a fabulous week! 

Monday, January 2, 2017

A New Year 2017 a new focus

You know as I reflect on time and the New Year, I realize all the adults were right.  Time flies the older you get.  It is astonishing how fast it really does pass by.  I mean 2017 what in the heck!!  So I don't really do resolutions or anything like that.  I am a day by day person.  I have been around long enough to know we are not guaranteed the next hour much less a day or month or year.  This is why I hate hate hate the interview questions of "where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?"  But I digress!  I do have some things I want to try and commit to.  I want to see where this bloggings/quilting thing goes, so I am committing to blogging once a week.  I also want to start having some type of income from quilting/crafting (more on that below).  I also just want to be a good person and do my part in the world.  In my mind that is helping where I see need, working hard at my job(s) and earn the payments I receive.  I want to keeping loving my family and be thankful for the many blessings I have and not worry about the rest.  Seems easy enough huh lol! So that is what I have for 2017!  What do yall have in mind for the New Year? 

Now how was your Christmas?  Mine was wonderful and stressful and everything that goes along with traveling and last minute handmade items lol.  I did several handmade items.  Some I didn't get pictures of (that could be another commitment take more pictures).  Below are the ones I captured. 
I made this HUGE bag for my Niece to use as a diaper bag.  I modified it a little and added elastic pockets, which I am not good at.  This bag is a craftsy class here 

I made tree skirts for everyone from the MSQC tutorial.

Fabric Baskets, I made a ton.  I love these it is a pattern from the Crafty Gemini Quit Club which I am sad to say has ended. 

So after that mad dash I thought hey I have a week off the day job so why not do a total destash and re organize the sewing room.  I got this idea cause my lovely honey bunches made me this wonderful cutting table!
I mean seriously how beautiful is this?  LIKE AMAZING!  He has told me he is gonna have to make me something every year, so I will at least clean that sewing room once a year.  I of course replied DEAL!

I also got this amazing shirt from my MIL and SIL.  I love it!

So now the destah info.  I have so so so much like an OMG amount.  I tried destashing on IG but I had very little luck so I moved to the hubs ebay since he already had an established account.  However, people don't seem to want to purchase fabric from what appears to be a man so I opened an ebay of my own.  I have sold several items and am listing new stuff daily.  I am still using both accounts so please click both links and look around.  I am doing this because you get 50 free listings right now per account so I will list 50 on his/mine and mine.  So here are some pictures of the sewing room destash process.  Its not pretty so brace yourself. 

So a quick plug for my business wantabe self.  I have decided to sell solids on my ebay if they sell when I start loading my yardage.  I have a wholesale account and there are some very nice quality solids that they sell.  They are a great quality and I have used them for about a year and half now and they are my go to solids.  I also want to sell some handmade items and I will try etsy for that.  I may do my solids there as well and just see which way works.  Stay tuned for the handmade shop to open up.  Go check out my destash at both ebay accounts you can just click the links.  Thanks so much for reading and Have a wonderful Happy New Year.