Monday, August 25, 2014


Well it seems like every time I post it has always been a long time.  I have struggled with posting lately because I wasn't sure if I wanted to throw all my baggage out there.  But here it goes:

I am a migraine sufferer.  It has been on going since I was about 17.  I have tried lots and lots and lots of things.  I am not a good pill taker (not as in a pill popper);  I do not like taking pills, and I can never take more than one a day.  I just can't keep up with it, and am on the go so much.  The headaches have become increasing worse of the past few years.  I had been going to the only specialty clinic in AR, and well they closed.  They closed due to Obomacare.  I am not getting into politics just stating facts, as that was from the horses mouth as to why they closed.  All the Doctors in that office could retire and did.  My specific Dr told me I would have a hard time finding someone and see more and more specialist retire or stop practicing all together.  Well he sent me to a friend of his and I went to 1 office visit and got the letter; he too was retiring.  I was crushed.  So now I drive 3.5 hrs to another state to the closest headache specialist clinic, and well I have made him promise with a blood oath he would not retire soon!    So now what.  Well we talked about a lot of stuff and all the meds I have tired, normal visit stuff.  He wants me to try Botox injections.  I was like I don't know about that.  We discussed this for at least an hr.  I then have researched and quizzed people who take them, and well fast forward I go tomorrow.  31 shots in my head!!!!  yes that is a 3 before the 1!  I am pretty nervous about the whole thing to say the least.  Oh and he put me on a Gluten free, low carb diet, so yeah I eat nothing!  So I have been dealing with all that for a while now.

I haven't gotten to sew very much with all this driving and regular summer type stuff.  I remain a month behind on my mystery quilt-a-long, which I am pretty proud of.  I have been doing my bee blocks, and Oh I won a whole bundle of dreaming vintage fabric and aurifil box with Jeni Baker's favorite things collection.  I am loving that!!  I have started knitting, or tried to start.  I have also been canning like there is no tomorrow.  We have 80 quarts of pickles.  We are still picking about 80 tomatoes every other day!  I even made 12 half pints of pear jelly.  I guess we are on a roll.  I just can't stand to waste anything out there!

Well that about catches you up on things here.  I am hoping to actually finish something soon.  I have two tops that need to be quilted.  I just feel like I am so terrible at that and don't even want too!  lol

Aug Bee Block

July Bee Block

June bee block:  My month

Mystery Quilt block July