Monday, October 12, 2015

Too Busy to blog

Well the trusty ole computer is down and out again.  I am not sure if this is a reflection of the operators or the quality of the product.  This will be the 3rd hard drive put in this machine so I like to think it is the product.  Alas I am on a tablet. This is probably how most people internet these days, but not this girl!  I am struggling wth a small or no keyboard and figuring out where everything is.  I am not a huge change person on daily routines anyway.  Strangely I do better when change is huge life changing not my day to day stuff.  

I plan to do a giveaway when my computer comes back and not some small one  I will make it a nice one as it has been a while and if your still with me you deserve it.  

I went to a quilt retreat and will do a whole post on it when I have my computer.  It was AMAZING.  I went to the Missouri Star Quilt Company!  That has to be a quilters paradise!!!  It was a joint retreat with Vanessa from Crafty Gemini and Jenny!  Can it be more cool than that?  I think not!!!!

I have so many projects going on right now it is silly!  I did get one phot on this contraption of one of the projects.

It is called the T block and is a tutorial from Missouri star.  I got the top done and had to put it aside for my daughter and her Halloween swap, as well as, some secret sewing.  Yall know I love pattern testing!  

I am also trying for a new job.  Well my own office really.  So please pray for good news.  It is time and I am so ready!

I have no estimate on the computer as my friends husband is working on it so you really cant put a time line on a favor.  I wish everyone a wonderful day and I hope yall are getting some of this beautiful fall weather.  We could use some rain here been a least a month if not longer!