Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Block of the Month

Amy Gibson is doing a block of the Month on her blog!  LOVE HER!!!!!  She did the Craftsy Block of the Month that actually got me started quilting so of course I am in!  I will include the link go check it out.  She is a wonderful teacher and explains everything so well.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Well I swear since I became a quilter....

My luck has turned around!  I have actually won something else.  That make 3 things since I have been doing this a lovely goody bag from my sew swap group, a machine cover from another lovely blogger (that is also in my sew swap group), and not a gift card!!!  Just one more reason to love quilting!!!!!  I really think everyone should get started!!!  Thank you to all that have had giveaways!  Don't forget 20 followers and I too will share the wealth so to speak!  GIVEAWAY!

The link to my win :)
My big win!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

OK Im back....

Well what a weekend. 

I am a hunter (hence wildlife biologist) so this is not about quilting but the crazy hunting story I have.  Picture it a cool brisk 34 degrees in the Ozarks, 3 hrs into hunting only seeing 2 small doe.  I am standing up in my stand at this point cause my little toes are freezing, and I happen to look over my right shoulder and there he is.  A decent 6 point, and I have never killed anything with a muzzleloader so yeah he was going down.  I get a good aim on him fire a good shot and hit him.  He runs a few yards and then starts flipping over.  I was wondering what in the world happened.  I get down go over there and he has managed to run full force into a tree and break one whole side of his antlers off and the tip of 2 other points on the other side. (Oh and didn't find the main beam that broke off just a few shards is all)  WHAT IN THE WORLD!!!!!!  Who does this happen to.  Uggh!  Well anyway he will taste just as good but man what a crazy day!

On a quilting note I did get one of my projects bound and have sever more to go.  I am to tired to get in the sewing room and get started so I think hand sewing the binding this evening is where its at! 

Don't forget a give away at 20 followers spread the word!

Hello from the deer stand!

I just wanted to give a quick hello before day light. I have been in the deer woods all weekend and will check on the link issue when I get back. Hope everyone us having a great weekend!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Great Video for quick Christmas gifts!

Who would not love a homemade gift or for that matter the pride the giver has in making it!  I found this great video just released from the Missouri Star Quilt Company (LOVE THEM) . 

Here is the link Enjoy!

Also lets not forget a give away at 20 followers!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Off Subject but unreal...

So I am one of those people that if it has never been heard of and surely that could never happen to someone it is going to happen to ME!  So I am a federal employee and back about 9 years ago I also worked a different federal job (then went to the state in between).  Well I have been trying for 7 months now to match up my federal service, so my retirement and leave and all that will be together.  I get a notice today that says no record found contact previous office worked.  (Mind you this is from our HR lady that I actually worked with at the other federal place and my reply was ok I am contacting you because you were my HR there.)  So having had other experence with our HR not doing what they said they did I have now taken it upon myself to find this PROOF!  After15 phone calls accross the entire US, made it full circle back to the original request to find out that and  I quote "huh I don't know what you need to do that just doesn't happen that records disappear".  Needless to say I have fomulated a letter and have documented the entire event.  I also sent in my own request to see if that works.  To be continued they have 21 days to respond...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Reflections about stuff (literally)!

Well I have been thinking; I know scary right....

I have a ton of books and a ton of fabric, humm.  I think for the upcoming new year I will try to make at least one project from each book that I have.  This may take more than a year I am sure,  but this way I can feel like I haven't thrown this money away and it will also help out my fabric hoarding situation.  So yall think about it and pick out some of your books or magazines and lets plan to actually use some of the resources we have.  I wouldn't dream of starting anything before Christmas so that will give us all plenty of time to get all those hand-made gifts ready without adding on some other projects.  Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I am thinking a give away at 20 followers...

I am thinking a give away at 20 followers.  I haven't decided what exactly, some fabric for sure and maybe a helpful tool of some sort.  Anyway tell your friends spread the word!  

Charm quilt....

Good Tuesday Morning.

I didn't forget about you all last night, but my Internet decided it was on break from uploading any type of photo or even showing any photos on other pages for that matter.  So here we go adding a boarder to the quilt.

Again I but 2 in strips from a fat quarter.  You need to get your peremeter measurement and do a little math to make sure you cut enough strips.  I think I had like 128 in peremeter (all sides were like 32 in and times 4 sides= 128in  I am not a math wize so...)  and my so I needed like 8 2 in strips to have enough to make the boarder with some left over.  I usually like my boarder a little wider, but I only had the one fat quarter and I liked this print.  You can also add more than one boarder.  I am still debating on adding a wider maybe 3 in solid boarder but I may just leave it this way.  So you have your strips...

Now sew all your little strips together in one long strip (now that is how I do it for the small quilts.  Most of what you will read will tell you to measure the center for horizontal and vertical length and cut your strips that way.  Do it how ever you like, I am just showing you what I did.)

I just got my strips and sewed a straight line 1/4 in seam on all of them, chain piecing.

I pressed the seams open again just personal preference.

No I just took my long strip and sewed it to one of the sides.

Then trimmed the excess.

Using my ruler to line up my edge
And trimming it up.  No sew the other side.  Either do top and bottom 1st or left and right first then follow with the other 2 sides.  I like to do both sides 1st them top and bottom.  I just like my seams that way but it is whatever you want to do. 

And there you have it.  (a little fuzzy) Hope you get the idea.  Like I mentioned you can add more boarder if you want.  I am still undecided about adding a solid boarder.  This is going to be a baby quilt so I like that size and I may just bind it in a solid and call it good.  I will show the backing about all that in the next couple days.  I have some other projects that must have my attention.  If there are any questions so far please let me know.  And you have just completed your quilt top!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Oh Monday

Well Monday is not my favorite day.  I just seem to always start the week out tired and behind!  Well I did decide I wanted to put a little border around the charm pack quilt and will post pictures this afternoon.  I cut 2 in stripes out of a fat quarter.  I usually like a 2.5 of 3in border but I only had one fat quarter of this cute fabric so I guess that will end me up with about a 1.5 in boarder.  Also picked out my backing fabric.  I have not decided if I want to do a solid boarder wider than the print.  I think I will just have to look at it again and see what calls to me.  I did find a home for it when it is done.  Had some lovely folks from church come by with their new baby and the mother commented on the top so done its yours :).  They don't know it yet but I was wondering what I was going to do with it and now I think the cutie little baby will make a perfect owner!  Also did not finish the binding on the table runner still hating on it.  We will meet again this week to work out our differences!  Did get started on my other little add-ins for the swap partner.  I hope to be mailing that all off by next week.  Hope being the key word.  I also have to bring myself to finish up my flannel project that has pushed me over the edge.  Oh flannel how I do not like thee!!!!  It will get done and it will go away!  I really just have to finish up some bordering and sew some stripes together, but I really don't like to even touch it as it stretches so dang much!  Maybe after I get a Valium prescription or something I can try a flannel quilt again :).    So pictures this afternoon and continue on the charm quilt so you newbies can have a completed something to appreciate. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Good Sunday Morning

Well I made excellent progress on my swap table runner, just have the binding left.  I don't know why but me and binding do NOT get along.  It never fails I always screw it up.  I don't know why at all, so needless to say when we discuss binding our charm pack quilt I will link up a video cause Lord knows I don't need to tell anyone my method.

Off to church this morning, then pot luck (who doesn't LOVE a church pot luck!!) and back on my head in that sewing room.  May cut some quick board strips on that charm pack quilt to keep that moving along.    Have a wonderful last day of the  weekend!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

A quick good morning

Ok so in-between coffee and pee wee football game (my little precious is a cheerleader) I came across a video that might be helpful.   My computer is well a few choice words come to mind, so I haven't been able to watch it but, word on the street so to speak is that it is worth a look!

Friday, October 19, 2012

A lovely little present for a swap partner

Ok so this is a 2 fold post.  I want more followers (lol) and I want to tell about a wonderful group I am lucky enough to be a part of.  It is a group on facebook and it is such fun!  We poke fun and support each other and ooh and ahh over the wonderful work and talent of the group.  We also do swaps and you can find out about them on the web page, but the gist is who all the names of those who want to be involved get their names thrown in the hat and drawn out and matched up and we get to make lovely gifts for each other and send them.  That is a very crude run down of the whole thing so please if you like to sew and want to break out of your comfort zone then this is for you.    Here is the link

Ok this table runner was a super challenge for me I have never made anything like this before.  I do feel like a cheater because it was from a kit (I know the SHAME of not being an original) sorry I am new and get freaked out so kits help me.  Just to be clear the trees and the star, more than anything, about stressed me out.  I am no good with applique and I was about to the point of OMG forget this, but I stopped and took some deep breaths and continued.  I do feel shameful about it being a kit, but really all that is, is fabric coordinated and a pattern so probably what I would have done anyway with some fat quarters or something.  I am going to use the scrapes and whip something else up that will be a surprise; I can't have my swappee knowing everything I am sending . ( and fyi it is not complete I still have to quilt it and bind it)  Ok it is Friday night and my attention is needed elsewhere since we don't have homework tonight.  Good evening all! 

OK so lets continue with our lovely little quilt!

Ok so where did we leave off... The pinned seams.  Lets sew those rows together now.

Making sure not to sew over your pins just very close (its all fun and games until someone gets there eye put out)!

So please don't make yourself get an extra educational experience in what happens if you sew over the pin.  It can be fine or it can be REALLY bad!

And there you go nice lined up seams!  (yes I did choose the best looking one to photograph :)

Continue to sew those rows together

and sewing and sewing and sewing...

and if your seams are not perfect please to do not fret, as the title of this blog implies it is what makes the quilts perfect!

now the last bit..

And there you have it a nice little quilt top.  I think I will add some boarders to make it a little bigger and I will show you that later. Maybe next week!

well this is wierd

Ok so I don't know what happen apparently I am blog challenged.  I went to Google Reader and low and behold all my lovely photos so who knows.  Anyway I will be posting the rest of the top later today. 
Note:  I will switch out the mag for another charm pack and send it out to you on Monday!

Well a little mail call 1st!  Yes I have a fabric issue, don't judge look how cute this fabric is!

The gift for the 1st blogger and commenter  (Quilt Blocks by Ellen Baker for moda) Thank you so much Maria! 

Ok Charm pack.  This is called City Blooms by Kitty Yoshida, and who knows where it came from.

I like to open it up and dig in.  This particular charm pack only has 25 so I used 2.

I kinda sorted them out and matched them up,

Did a little math in my head ummm...7 x 7=49 so 7 rows by 7 rows with one left for the ole stash.  Laid them all out the way I wanted them.  (note I did change this after seeing this pic and the 2 with the lines close to each other bugged me so I moved it all around.  You can lay this out on the floor a bed whatever!

Ok now to sew.  As you can see I took the 1st two in the top row. 

You place these right sides of the fabric together (the pretty colorful side)

And sew a 1/4 in seem

looks something like this.. You continue this process down the row (top row from right to left)

if you can see this it is call chain piecing.  That is where you have a pile of 2 squares together and sew them with out cutting the thread.  If that freaks you out don't do it.  When I first started it was to much pressure. 

Oh pressing (yes you have to iron, a lot in quilting)  take you sewn squares to the iron.

There are two common ways to iron the seems toward one side (most of the time toward the darker fabric) and this will be referred to as toward the dark in patterns and such,

Or open.  Now I bounce between both depending on what I am doing.  For this all to one side will be fine and quick!  You can wait till you get your whole row done before even starting to iron and I will show you a trick on down.

Ok so now keep sewing your squares together always right sides of the fabric facing each other.

Start to look like this.

And then you have a lovely row of squares.

Ok now iron all your seems one way.  I did all these toward the right all at one time and you will see why soon.

Row 2 sewn together, same process as above.

These seams I pressed all to the left.

Now you can join row 1 and row 2 ( you can sew all rows together before this step, but as I said I get about 20 min before homework supper and wild animals demand my attention.)

As you can see with the seams pressed to opposite sides they "nest"  together.  This is how you get you seams to line up and everything look clean and crisp and all lined up on the pretty side.  

I like to pin all my seams.  You can feel them kinda lock into place when they are lined up and then just stick a pin in there so when you are sewing things don't get crazy.


Lots of pins.  No this is where homework kicked in and supper so you can go on and continue the process and finish the quilt top or just get all your rows sewed and pinned and I will be back tomorrow with finishing up the top.

Thanks so much.  Wish I had a few more followers.  If you find this helpful please share and pass it on.  If not then let me know.  If there are any questions or something is unclear please ask.  I am in the middle of cooking while typing so who knows how this sounds.  Thanks for stopping by!!!

Well @*!$

Well I spent some time last night putting together that Charm pack quilt thing and last night it said it published but now I don't see it.  There was like 20 photos that took forever to upload.  Oh how lovely.  Well guess I will repost that this afternoon.  Sorry I thought we were all good! 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A good quilt to get you started

First thing you should do before starting any quilt project would be to make sure you can sew a straight 1/4 seam.  I taught my daughter to do this by printing off some graph paper with 1/4 grids and letting her practice sewing those lines straight.  She thought it was fun and it really boosted her confidence.  Also a good easy quilt to start with would be get a couple charm packs (the precuts that are 5" squares, usually around 40 squares in a pack) and just start sewing them together in rows.  Maybe start with making a baby size quilt.  I will take some pictures and demonstrate the process and post it later today.  Starting with a fundamental type project with let you jump in there and build your confidence with making something and also put some of your fears to rest.  And I know what helped me is actually finishing something quickly; I like to see results or I will get distressed and burnt out quick.  So stay tuned for a quick tutorial to get  you started and actually have the makings of a quilt in your hands. 

You can find charm packs anywhere.  Always try local quilt shops first they need your support.  If you are like me and do not like anywhere near a quilt shop, then you can do some wal-mart fabric is you want.  I usually buy a lot of my stuff online.  We do have a Hancock's fairly close, but again online is my number one source.  Missouri Star Quilt Company has some wonder deals on charm packs if you want to try them they are online and they are super.  If you have some fabric already on hand and it is yardage you can cut that into 5" squares also.  See ya'll later!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mail call...

I know they are random but remember I am a wildlife biologist and we all hunt so...
Got some super cute fabric in to day from on sale of course!  I also got my backing in for my Craftsy BOM quilt (from Craftsy).

this is the back to the BOM quilt and its not shinny just sill in package.

have not tried this but hear good things about it so I will let you know

Have also not tried Aurifill quilting thread but wanted to try some.

Ok since I am still talking to myself :)  the give away is still going on.  The fist follower will receive 2 charm packs and a magazine.  Thanks