Friday, October 19, 2012

A lovely little present for a swap partner

Ok so this is a 2 fold post.  I want more followers (lol) and I want to tell about a wonderful group I am lucky enough to be a part of.  It is a group on facebook and it is such fun!  We poke fun and support each other and ooh and ahh over the wonderful work and talent of the group.  We also do swaps and you can find out about them on the web page, but the gist is who all the names of those who want to be involved get their names thrown in the hat and drawn out and matched up and we get to make lovely gifts for each other and send them.  That is a very crude run down of the whole thing so please if you like to sew and want to break out of your comfort zone then this is for you.    Here is the link

Ok this table runner was a super challenge for me I have never made anything like this before.  I do feel like a cheater because it was from a kit (I know the SHAME of not being an original) sorry I am new and get freaked out so kits help me.  Just to be clear the trees and the star, more than anything, about stressed me out.  I am no good with applique and I was about to the point of OMG forget this, but I stopped and took some deep breaths and continued.  I do feel shameful about it being a kit, but really all that is, is fabric coordinated and a pattern so probably what I would have done anyway with some fat quarters or something.  I am going to use the scrapes and whip something else up that will be a surprise; I can't have my swappee knowing everything I am sending . ( and fyi it is not complete I still have to quilt it and bind it)  Ok it is Friday night and my attention is needed elsewhere since we don't have homework tonight.  Good evening all! 


  1. OH ; love it ! maybe I am your swap partner ! you did a fine job and a kit it a wonderful idea . I do not "design" my own stuff either ; usually I combine 2 or 3 patterns and do it my way since I usually mess something up !
    ( Mickey White from SewSwap It )
    oh ; and I made my blog for giveaways also ! :D

  2. I told yall I loved this facebook group! They are the best! Thanks for following!!!

  3. this is beautiful and there certainly is NO shame in using a kit! and if it is what gets you started and makes you comfortable..then it is wonderful... just as long as you are creating!!! your partner will be pleased ... yes I will...LOL

  4. :) thanks so much! I like the kits because being new you can get very overwhelmed by the whole process and it helps me to make something cute and give me ideas and learn new techniques! Thank you ladies for following I feel more like a cool kid now :)


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