Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Charm quilt....

Good Tuesday Morning.

I didn't forget about you all last night, but my Internet decided it was on break from uploading any type of photo or even showing any photos on other pages for that matter.  So here we go adding a boarder to the quilt.

Again I but 2 in strips from a fat quarter.  You need to get your peremeter measurement and do a little math to make sure you cut enough strips.  I think I had like 128 in peremeter (all sides were like 32 in and times 4 sides= 128in  I am not a math wize so...)  and my so I needed like 8 2 in strips to have enough to make the boarder with some left over.  I usually like my boarder a little wider, but I only had the one fat quarter and I liked this print.  You can also add more than one boarder.  I am still debating on adding a wider maybe 3 in solid boarder but I may just leave it this way.  So you have your strips...

Now sew all your little strips together in one long strip (now that is how I do it for the small quilts.  Most of what you will read will tell you to measure the center for horizontal and vertical length and cut your strips that way.  Do it how ever you like, I am just showing you what I did.)

I just got my strips and sewed a straight line 1/4 in seam on all of them, chain piecing.

I pressed the seams open again just personal preference.

No I just took my long strip and sewed it to one of the sides.

Then trimmed the excess.

Using my ruler to line up my edge
And trimming it up.  No sew the other side.  Either do top and bottom 1st or left and right first then follow with the other 2 sides.  I like to do both sides 1st them top and bottom.  I just like my seams that way but it is whatever you want to do. 

And there you have it.  (a little fuzzy) Hope you get the idea.  Like I mentioned you can add more boarder if you want.  I am still undecided about adding a solid boarder.  This is going to be a baby quilt so I like that size and I may just bind it in a solid and call it good.  I will show the backing about all that in the next couple days.  I have some other projects that must have my attention.  If there are any questions so far please let me know.  And you have just completed your quilt top!!!


  1. How do you bind your quilts, Steph. My favorite edge is prairie points. It uses a lot of leftovers and gives me the nicest finish. Sometimes I'll use cording (cord covered with fabric cut on the bias. My least favorite is using a bias edge (I avoid it like the plague) it never looks the way I want it to when it's done. Now I need to come up with an appropriate edge for the flannelette baby quilt I hope to finish this evening.

    1. I like the prairie points (haven't done them but think they look great). I also do not do bias edge, and have read up on it that it is really not neccessary unless doing curves or some other special reason. I do want to do some scaloped edges, someday. I just cut some 2.5in strips and fold them in half press them machine sew them on one side and hand stitch the other. Sounds easy but I always screw it up. From sewing my strips together backwards, to sewing the wrong side, to the most out of nowhere measurements. I just saw the cutest little binding that had ric rac sewed under it on the front side to add a little extra to it. It was so cute. Here is the link http://mommysnaptime.blogspot.com/2011/05/no-pins-no-handsewing-binding-tutorial.html So cute and still looks quick! I like quick!!


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