Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Block of the Month

Amy Gibson is doing a block of the Month on her blog!  LOVE HER!!!!!  She did the Craftsy Block of the Month that actually got me started quilting so of course I am in!  I will include the link go check it out.  She is a wonderful teacher and explains everything so well.


  1. Hi Stephanie!! Ahh, you're so sweet! So glad to make a connection with you! Congrats on starting your blog! PS- do you know you're a no-reply blogger? I tried to reply to your comment, but couldn't. It's an easy fix- just go to your Blogger account settings, and be sure you click to have your email address unhidden- this way bloggers can all reply to you when you leave comments! XO

    1. OMG Amy Gibson is a follower :) Thanks so much for stepping me through that email thing! Think I got that figured out! See guys I told you she was good at explaining things :) Thanks again and I can't wait to do the Block of the month. And finish the other one LOL! I am only a couple months behind...oh the shame!


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