Friday, October 19, 2012

OK so lets continue with our lovely little quilt!

Ok so where did we leave off... The pinned seams.  Lets sew those rows together now.

Making sure not to sew over your pins just very close (its all fun and games until someone gets there eye put out)!

So please don't make yourself get an extra educational experience in what happens if you sew over the pin.  It can be fine or it can be REALLY bad!

And there you go nice lined up seams!  (yes I did choose the best looking one to photograph :)

Continue to sew those rows together

and sewing and sewing and sewing...

and if your seams are not perfect please to do not fret, as the title of this blog implies it is what makes the quilts perfect!

now the last bit..

And there you have it a nice little quilt top.  I think I will add some boarders to make it a little bigger and I will show you that later. Maybe next week!

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