Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mail call...

I know they are random but remember I am a wildlife biologist and we all hunt so...
Got some super cute fabric in to day from on sale of course!  I also got my backing in for my Craftsy BOM quilt (from Craftsy).

this is the back to the BOM quilt and its not shinny just sill in package.

have not tried this but hear good things about it so I will let you know

Have also not tried Aurifill quilting thread but wanted to try some.

Ok since I am still talking to myself :)  the give away is still going on.  The fist follower will receive 2 charm packs and a magazine.  Thanks


  1. Followers, but no commentors. Can't have that! Have blogged before, too, but am at a standstill about it now. Love your quilts. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yeah Thanks you! I just love it when things work out, now and get to send you something! If you don't want a magazine let me know and I will send you an extra charm pack. Is the return address on the package you sent me good to use if not message me one. Thank you! That makes me happy to get to return something to you :)

    1. The address on the package is the good one. I think I have that magazine already in my Sorry for the late reply. Am just going thru my daily blog hopping!


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