Sunday, October 28, 2012

OK Im back....

Well what a weekend. 

I am a hunter (hence wildlife biologist) so this is not about quilting but the crazy hunting story I have.  Picture it a cool brisk 34 degrees in the Ozarks, 3 hrs into hunting only seeing 2 small doe.  I am standing up in my stand at this point cause my little toes are freezing, and I happen to look over my right shoulder and there he is.  A decent 6 point, and I have never killed anything with a muzzleloader so yeah he was going down.  I get a good aim on him fire a good shot and hit him.  He runs a few yards and then starts flipping over.  I was wondering what in the world happened.  I get down go over there and he has managed to run full force into a tree and break one whole side of his antlers off and the tip of 2 other points on the other side. (Oh and didn't find the main beam that broke off just a few shards is all)  WHAT IN THE WORLD!!!!!!  Who does this happen to.  Uggh!  Well anyway he will taste just as good but man what a crazy day!

On a quilting note I did get one of my projects bound and have sever more to go.  I am to tired to get in the sewing room and get started so I think hand sewing the binding this evening is where its at! 

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  1. Great shot. Season starts next weekend here, so I'll be going out then. I won't be using a muzzle loader, though. I'll stick to my trusty 243.

  2. Welcome back. Glad you bagged one...hope it tastes good. The link worked the second time I tried it so I guess the monkeys did a good job.


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