Saturday, August 15, 2015

The end of summer

Where did summer go?  Have yall seen it?  I mean it was like a streak that just blew through here for a second!  School is starting back on Monday.  I have a 7th grader.  I just can't even talk about it, I mean really though.  I have news.  I am going to a Missouri Star Quilt Retreat.  EEEEEKKKKK!  I can not believe it.  It will be week after next and I will meet Jenny and Vanessa from Crafty Gemini
If that wasn't just the most coolest thing ever, a dear friend from high school is going to meet me there.  That just wraps the whole thing right up in a bow!  I will try to remember to take lots of pictures and post when I get back!

In other news.  I have done several swaps and pattern tests lately.  By several I mean one pattern test and like 3 swaps lol.  I have been trying to get ready for the retreat and I have actually forgotten to take photos of some of them but here is what I got!

This was the lined drawstring swap that Jeni Baker.  This is what I made for my lovely partner.  She has received it. 

The pattern I tested and that has now been released. Is the Helen Bag by sotak handmade.  I do love this bag and have another that I am ready to cut out this weekend hopefully. 

 I think this is the perfect bag for day to day and it really can be made with so many fabric options.  LOVE!

Well apparently that is all I managed to get pictures of.  I really need to take a breath before I box stuff up and mail it off!   

I sure hope everyone had a wonderful summer and got some fabulous family time in.  I also hope that the school year is nice to you and your kiddos.  I must admit I never much liked school (you can't tell since I went so long for a Masters) and I still feel the same way.  I hide it so my daughter doesn't think its ok to not do good.  She excels at most things but does get really board in classes that don't challenge her.  This was the same for me.  I never studied or anything and made good grades.  I also got in trouble for horsing around and talking alot.  Same and Same.  College was much better, after I figured out how to study.  I never did before, and grad school really was good for me.  It challenged my antithetical brain and I did really good there, even as a broke single mother of a 14 mth old!   Any who have a great beginning of the school year!