Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A busy life

Well hello again.  Yes I know I always start that way it seems.  I decided that if I couldn't get my projects finished then I didn't need to blog about it.  So alas I am caught up for the moment.  I did make a ton of handmade Christmas gifts, and it would appear I did not snap one picture of them.  I think I went on a sewing crusade and never looked up.  I have to say in the last 2 months I have sewn more then ever before.  I sew every single day now.  I would actually go a day or two without sewing, but I haven't in at least 2 months unless I was just not here, which I can't remember a day not sewing at least by hand.  So what has been going on with me.

Well I joined a quilting community and I love it so much.  I have enjoyed it more than I thought I ever would.  I would encourage any of you to come and be a part of it.  We have a great time.  More information about that here.  I have made a couple of projects with the group.  We are in the middle of the 1st swap, and it is a mug rug swap. 
For the life of me I can not rotate this picture on any form of media.  It annoys me so much.  urrrg!  ok moving on.

This is what I made for my partner.  It was a sweets mug rug swap.  We are doing a swap each month.  FUN!

I also have made a Quillow.  It is a Quilt that folds up into a pocket to make a pillow.  Each month we have a project.  Here is mine.
We are also starting a Mystery Quilt.  I love that idea!

Oh I have big news.  I am going on my 1st retreat ever and my second this year.  How freakin cool is that!!!!!  I am going to sew south!!!  SCREAMING IT!  I am also going to the Crafty Gemini and Jenny Doan retreat at the Missouri Start Quilt Co retreat center SCREAMING THAT too!  So I am gonna be on super star overload all spring and summer!  I am so so so so so and so excited I can't even stand myself!

Another project I have been working on that has been a huge blessing to me is the Quilts for Tay-Sachs project.  Alyssa at Pilo-O- Fabric is who set me up with that.  Information can be found here.  I am sending my quilt off today, in fact, to my family.  I worked so hard to produce the best quilt I have ever made for such a wonderful reason.  I am so in love with this quilt and can not wait for them to get it.

I love Jeni Baker fabric so much, as I am sure I have mentioned.  This is geometric bless and is an Art Gallery Fabric production.  I love love love how this came together.  My pictures do not do any justice to it.  I really need to get a different camera.

I am also subscribed to the Bag of the Month I have only made a few bags/totes and these are straight up professional projects.  I am a few stitches from finishing Jan!  WOO HOO for it still being Jan and me finishing in JAN!  I love this Jan pattern and will show you my " OMG she is a beginner bag maker" version as soon as I get it done.   I will be making another one since this one is well less than impressive, but like with quilts I think I will notice the issues more than anyone else.

I also cleaned and reorganized my sewing room.  It only took 3 whole days!  I have a serious serious fabric issue!  I will get some pics for yall! 

So I am planning on being a much better blogger and since I am committed to sewing much more I hope that makes it better.  I am hoping to post every week, or every other at the most.

I hope all is well with you all and stay warm if you are in this silly weather!