Monday, October 22, 2012

Oh Monday

Well Monday is not my favorite day.  I just seem to always start the week out tired and behind!  Well I did decide I wanted to put a little border around the charm pack quilt and will post pictures this afternoon.  I cut 2 in stripes out of a fat quarter.  I usually like a 2.5 of 3in border but I only had one fat quarter of this cute fabric so I guess that will end me up with about a 1.5 in boarder.  Also picked out my backing fabric.  I have not decided if I want to do a solid boarder wider than the print.  I think I will just have to look at it again and see what calls to me.  I did find a home for it when it is done.  Had some lovely folks from church come by with their new baby and the mother commented on the top so done its yours :).  They don't know it yet but I was wondering what I was going to do with it and now I think the cutie little baby will make a perfect owner!  Also did not finish the binding on the table runner still hating on it.  We will meet again this week to work out our differences!  Did get started on my other little add-ins for the swap partner.  I hope to be mailing that all off by next week.  Hope being the key word.  I also have to bring myself to finish up my flannel project that has pushed me over the edge.  Oh flannel how I do not like thee!!!!  It will get done and it will go away!  I really just have to finish up some bordering and sew some stripes together, but I really don't like to even touch it as it stretches so dang much!  Maybe after I get a Valium prescription or something I can try a flannel quilt again :).    So pictures this afternoon and continue on the charm quilt so you newbies can have a completed something to appreciate. 

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