Thursday, October 18, 2012

A good quilt to get you started

First thing you should do before starting any quilt project would be to make sure you can sew a straight 1/4 seam.  I taught my daughter to do this by printing off some graph paper with 1/4 grids and letting her practice sewing those lines straight.  She thought it was fun and it really boosted her confidence.  Also a good easy quilt to start with would be get a couple charm packs (the precuts that are 5" squares, usually around 40 squares in a pack) and just start sewing them together in rows.  Maybe start with making a baby size quilt.  I will take some pictures and demonstrate the process and post it later today.  Starting with a fundamental type project with let you jump in there and build your confidence with making something and also put some of your fears to rest.  And I know what helped me is actually finishing something quickly; I like to see results or I will get distressed and burnt out quick.  So stay tuned for a quick tutorial to get  you started and actually have the makings of a quilt in your hands. 

You can find charm packs anywhere.  Always try local quilt shops first they need your support.  If you are like me and do not like anywhere near a quilt shop, then you can do some wal-mart fabric is you want.  I usually buy a lot of my stuff online.  We do have a Hancock's fairly close, but again online is my number one source.  Missouri Star Quilt Company has some wonder deals on charm packs if you want to try them they are online and they are super.  If you have some fabric already on hand and it is yardage you can cut that into 5" squares also.  See ya'll later!

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