Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Auction Quilt

Well I believe I mentioned that I was making a quilt to auction for a friend.  That is all done with.  I was so nervous that no one would bid on it.  Although I knew someone from my family (8 of us there) would bid if they saw my panic.  There were actually several quilts in the auction, which made me more nervous.  As it turned out my quilt went for the most!  I was so surprised, and so glad it made more than I thought for my friend.  I also had 2 guys (lol) ask me if I could make them one just like it, because it reminded them of quilts their grandmothers made!  How cool is that!!!!  I of course said no lol!  I just get super panicky and nauseous when thinking about selling one.  I just don't believe people have any idea at all what it takes to make a quilt.  They are just not willing to pay what it is worth.  Although mine brought the most money it only covered the amount I had in fabric and batting nothing more.  A king sized quilt went for $50, I about fell out of my chair.  That didn't even begin to cover the fabric, probably not even the batting.  It was a handmade quilt, done on a machine, not store bought or anything.  I think, in my area, I might decide one day to do baby quilts.  It could be possible to sell those for time and material, but nothing else.  I would rather give them away, is that bad?  Then I don't feel so bad about all the "imperfections" in the quilt that to me gives it life and personality!  Anyway that led me to going way way out and crazy and buying (on HSN) the new not even on the new singer all in one machine that does well all in one.  I got sucked into to the whole debut cheapest price it will ever be thing.  I do not have it yet, but they sold it good!  I have been wanting to try my hand at embroidery, and this machine does it (and quilts, and fashion, and well you get it all in one!)  I will let you know how it goes and a review so to speak of it!  I am going to bind my hemisphere's quilt stating tomorrow and I can't wait to show you the quilting and binding.  I am so pleased with this quilt!!!   ok enough about me, what have yall been up to?


 So this is the secret garden quilt by the lovely Amy Gibson.  You can do a workshop and get the fabric on Craftsy HERE

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