Monday, October 21, 2013

Lots of News

Wow I have let things get away from me a little bit.  I have lots of relevant and irrelevant news.  Well maybe not LOTS but it feel like a few things anyway.  I'll start with the quilty relevant news so you can skip the rest if you like!

I have been a pattern tester for Aria Lane (well on the list for a little while) and got to test my first pattern.  It is by Megan Nichols and called Hemispheres.  It is a really cool pattern.  I will say it was a lot little challenging for me since I had never even thought of doing a curve quilt before.  I think I have done one block that had a tad bit of curve to it.  It freaked me out was exciting to try something so new.  I bit off quite a bit doing a twin size.  It seemed smaller in my mind lol!  All joking aside this has been my favorite quilt so far, because it challenged me so much!  Also the directions are great and very straight forward and easy to follow.  Another surprise was skimming through my blog reads this morning and actually seeing my name and quilt top HERE!  Megan is having a QAL and if you think this pattern is something you like, but are skeered (that is country for scared) then what better way than a QAL!

Here is the front and back of the quilt.  Not true to form I am actually quilting said quilt right now.  I am making this for a dear family friend that has lung cancer and through some other issues has no quilts at all.  That just can't be so he must have a quilt to snuggle with and this will be it!

I also decided on a WIP to make for the benefit auction for the same friend and I will show that one when it is done.  I have 2 quilts sandwhiched and one about a 1/3rd quilted.  That is big time for me!  Thanks furlough lol!

Ok  end of quilt relevance and to not relevant but my life stuff.

I am not sure if you guessed it but I am very very country and could maybe even be called redneck LOL!  I am a wildlife biologist as I have said before and avid hunter and fisher.  I harvested a buck out of my house Saturday.  Yes you read that right out of my house, the basement window to be exact (what better deer stand could there be).  I have a little food plot off the back (about 120 yds), and he walked out there and happen to be spotted.  It was a heck of a shot with a muzzleloader, and I am pretty proud of it.  He is a 2.5 year old 8 pt.  I am kinda proud of it.  Me and my daughter also go a doe last weekend so we have some deer meat for sure!


  1. Congrats on the nice buck. Our opening season is Nov. 14-16, so my husband has started getting his stuff together. He'll hope to get a mule deer, but may have to settle with a white tail if it gets to the last weekend. I think he has 3 weekends to hunt. We have them that close to our yard as well, but can't shoot them. We go out to my brothers place and have friends land we hunt on, about 2 hours from us.

  2. OMG! I think it's awesome that you hunt and fish and, of course, quilt. I'll have to place your blog among favs!


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