Monday, October 7, 2013

Winner and request

Ok I don't know how to make to cute little insert of the whole number generator so I copied and pasted and this is what comes up lol!  Anyway Congrats Amiee:

Sorry you're furloughed. I think a remedial Kindergarten class might be good for some of our political leaders ~ they can relearn basic lessons like playing well with others, sharing their toys, & working together. Hopefully they'll figure this out & get things back up & running quickly. I think you should give them all to one person; someone could get a nice sized quilt out of all three. 

I will send you all three, but since there were only two of you I plan to send something, maybe a couple of fat quarters to Bonnie as well.  Just seems unfair to only have had two people.  So I will email both of you for your addresses.  Thanks so much for stopping by.

True Random Number Generator  

OK I have another project that I must get on the move with.  I have a very dear family friend that has lung cancer.  He is a family friend that has been around our family for a very long time.  He is loosing his job and with that his health insurance.   So his family his having a benefit for him and I would like to contribute a quilt.  What would be something that is quick and would bring a good price?  Help!!!  Thanks again ladies for stopping by and I hope you like the items!  


  1. The Broken Herringbone could go quickly
    Weavers–Modern Fat Quarter Friendly Scrap Quilt looks like it's difficult but isn't, & if you are good at math you could make the blocks out of jelly roll strips & make them 10" instead of 8"
    I like the heart quilts here & with strip piecing they should work up quick
    I ended up finishing about half of this quilt in one night
    & a scrappy Snowball would whip up quick, too

    Also, thanks for the giveaway :)

  2. Maybe something with jelly rolls. Fat Quarter Shop had one called Jelly Roll Jam. You could add to it and make it bigger. Or something with charm square. The above poster has some great ideas also. Thanks for the giveaway...


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