Friday, October 4, 2013

Up and running

Wow your computer crashes and its all down hill from there.  So what has been going on with me...
Well I am a federal employee and I am furloughed!  It has been the biggest cluster I have ever seen.  We had basically no guidance on what to expect, only get information from the media same as everyone else.  No paycheck and who knows when I will get one.  Also the vision, dental, and health benefits, who is paying for that since I don't have a check for that to come out of!  But anyway enough of that depressing crap.  Oh I am into pattern testing these days as well.  It is really something I am liking.  It has brought me out of my quilting box, and challenged me to try different things.  If you get a chance I would recommend it!  Make sure you have the time is my recommendation.  Ok so, I promised once I got back up and running I would have a giveaway!  So I will I have 3 turnovers from Moda for a lucky reader.  I have one for Friday, one for more sewing time, and one for my computer!  I think one person will get all 3 so you can actually make a quilt or something with them, however if the consensus is to slip them up and have 3 winners I am easy!  Just comment and let me know!  I will random number it to choose a winner or winners.  I will ship where ever so it is open to everyone.  One comment for the one for 3 winners or 3 for one winner.  Followers get another chance.  Open till October 6th, winner announced the 7th!



  1. Sorry you're furloughed. I think a remedial Kindergarten class might be good for some of our political leaders ~ they can relearn basic lessons like playing well with others, sharing their toys, & working together. Hopefully they'll figure this out & get things back up & running quickly. I think you should give them all to one person; someone could get a nice sized quilt out of all three.

  2. GFC & email follower, & Bloglovin under a different email.

  3. I hope things work out for you.. I just heard that people that have been furloughed are getting back pay, so maybe that will help. I think 3 people should win. The more to win is nice. Thank you for sharing.


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