Sunday, November 10, 2013

Opening Weekend

Well this will be a quick post because I have hunting to get to.  This is opening weekend of modern gun (rifle) season on white-tailed deer here in Arkansas.  As you may have guessed I am totally into that.  I have actually been off work for 4 days today (will have 5 days) and have literally just iron some fabric for 2 projects and printed some graph paper and made measurements for a 3rd.   I have been totally committed to deer hunting.  Hopefully this afternoon will get the job done and tomorrow I can sew and actually clean something.  I did sweep today in my defense.  I have finally picked a project for my secret santa swap on my wonderful FB group I belong to sew swapit.  Great Great group; love those ladies!!!  I have a sneak peak at the fabrics, but not the pattern cause well its a secret people!  :) 

Please do not even look at my ironing board cover!  That thing is OMG nasty!  It is in desperate need of a replacement.  I will be sure and put that on my to-do list! 

Ok I am off to the woods.  I am late on getting out there.  I like to be in woods by 2 so I am 11 min late lol!  Hoping for a wall-hanger!!!  Fingers crossed bloggy friends, fingers crossed!!!

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  1. Good luck. We open the rifle season this coming weekend and hubby is really excited!


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