Saturday, November 16, 2013

New Machine

Well I got caught up in the release of the new Singer Futura Quintet on HSN.  Needless to say I am sending it back tomorrow.  I so wanted to love this machine, but it consistently comes un-threaded.  I tried everything and then got online and read others were having similar problems.  I did a quilt block today and it came un-threaded 7 times.  It unthreads every single time the auto thread cutter is used.  It is a mess with the embroidery as well, unthreads a lot and jams up.  I had at least 3 broke needles.  I just do not have the time to deal with those issues especially from a brand new, top of  the line blah blah blah machine.  I want an embroidery machine so if you have one you love please let me know and details would be appreciated.  I am so ill about this machine.  I have seen several posts about a "learning curve"  that maybe but when you get a brand new machine you a least want to be able to finish a block or whatever with out a broke needle and re-threading it 7 times.  Ok that is my 2 cents and it is probably worth less than that, but there it is!  I am sick about it.  I feel like I have wasted so much precious sewing time dealing with this machine, not to mention thread and fabric.  Uggh!  Lesson learned don't buy a sewing machine off TV!

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  1. What a let down. Although when I bought my Baby Lock, there was definitely a learning curve, and I'm still learning.


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