Sunday, January 22, 2017


And the winner is.....

I already follow you on Bloglovin 

Miss Betsy I have sent you an email!  

Thank you so much to everyone and their scrap storage ideas.  I think I am only going to keep good sized scraps and try to once a month cut them into usable squares and shapes.  We will see if that ever gets started lol.  

I had planned to discuss some quilting retreats today but to be honest my head is hurting and I am just not up to it.  As you may know I have chronic migraines so its just part of it.  So instead I want to show you what I am finishing up for this week.  I have yet to open my etsy.  I really think my heart is not in it yet.  I am trying to get some inventory in stock so to speak so I am not super rushed or anything. Less stress!  This is my phase of the year.  So I made this lovely quilt...

This quilt is a free tutorial from Vanessa at the Crafty Gemini.  You can find it here.  It is super easy!  I think it would be a good one for anyone.  Great size too for just everyday lap, larger baby or toddler.  I decided to do something I haven't done before and that is tie this.  I used lammie fabric on the back which is kinda thick and soft, so I didn't use batting.  

This is the yarn I chose.  I knitted the small child a headband with this and had some left over and it matched perfectly.
I decided to only tie in the little background squares.  More on that white tread below.  Awesome tip!
I used a tapestry needle which may have been a bit large but I can't see to thread anyhow.
such a pretty background
And there you have it.  I did of course trim the yarn.
 I plan on binding this is a lovely aqua and will post as soon as it is finished on my instagram 
Please follow me over there to keep up with quick things and pictures.  

So this really awesome like mind blowing tip!  That little white thread above is what I used to thread my yarn with.  I got this tip from Mary Fons on this youtube video. 

Have a great week all.  I start a new job tomorrow (same job title and pay) at a different location and area.  So basically I have never worked with these people.  It is so close to home so I can't complain!  Thanks to all the folks who entered the giveaway and talk to you next week!



  1. Thank you Stephanie. I was going to start a wedding ring quilt last night until I got your email. I will wait to use this awesome prize. Thank you again.

  2. Hope you're feeling better today. Congrats to the winners of your giveaways!


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