Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sewing room reveal and giveaway to celebrate!

Finally and I do mean finally back in the sewing room.  3 long weeks without sewing was not good at all!  So here are the photos of the room.  Keep in mind the room is 8'x8'. 

walking into the room.  Also on the left going to put shelves
the outside wall with the juki

Love the peg board.
This is in the corner behind the door.  I need some shelving here as well. 

 I love it and the lay out.  Now don't think it will ever stay this way, clean I mean.  Also don't think this is where all my sewing stuff stays.  We have a spare bedroom and a basement lol.  The spare bed room looks like this. 

 So the closet is stuff that is staying and the entire rest of the room of fabric are thing for sell on my ebay accounts (sdd1997 or woodrow16haands)  This undertaking has been huge.  I actually am having decent success at getting rid of all these lovely fabric items I need to go to a good home. I have also decided to get rid of some scraps as well.  I am terrible at using scraps at all! 

I know people sell scraps for a LOT more than that but I am on a purge spree so there you have it.  

I even have a finished project to show.  As soon as I got moved in I had to get something going.  

This bag is HUGE like so huge.  I kinda love it though.  I used flex foam and went a little rough on the whole thing put it is basically super similar to the patter I just didn't follow the directions like at all.  

So now a give away.  I will be giving away a scrap bag and a mixed designer fat quarter bundle.  I haven't gotten everything together but it will be a good sized group as you know 2017 is apparently the year of letting go, at least of fabric.  Leave me a message with you scrap organization tips if you like.  If you follow you get an extra entry just let me know.  Make sure I can contact you.  Comments will end the 21st and I will pick the 22nd.  Thank you all so much!


  1. I haven't sewn much in a few years, but I love how you're attempting to organize...and see lots of fun things to keep you motivated. I even like the guitar peeking out...if only my daughter would serenade me...maybe I'd be more inspired to sew. =)

  2. I use a lot of art bin totes for my projects and make vinyl bags with zippers for project bags as well. I seem to be very organized.


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