Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hardest week of my Life!

Well this has been hands down the hardest week of my life.  My daughter was taken by ambulance to the hospital on Monday the 24th and we made it home last night.  She had all the stomach issues (up and out) and 103 fever with sever abdominal pains.  We went to our semilocal hospital and was then transferred 3 hrs away to out states Children's Hospital.  We still do not know exactly what the issue was/is.  Her symptoms have gotten less sever and her fever finally stopped.  They believe it was a sever viral infections that hit her extremely hard, damaging her stomach lining.  There were several moments they believed it was the gall bladder and a surgical team was on standby.  There was one very serious moment when we were waiting on a red blood cell test for something very serious.  I did not see outside for 6 days, and slept in what has to be the most uncomfortable chair ever made for 5 nights.  I got very frustrated with drs (to the point they sent a psychiatrist to talk to me, and begged my parents to take me to a hotel to rest).  I was a mother on a mission and I wanted to know in detail everything that was being done and why.  Apparently that is not the norm.  Needless to say we all got on the same page and I feel great about what it is not.  They have sent samples off for test that will take a couple weeks to get back hoping to find what caused this and if it will ever return.  I will tell you if you ever think you have a tough time of things take a trip to a Children's Hospital and you will hate yourself for ever thinking you had it bad.  We met a woman who's child has been there 12 years.  I then for the 1st time realized there are several kids who never know a life outside a hospital and that breaks my heart.  My child was very sick but we did leave there, and seem to be improving.  We are hugging tighter, and slowing down a lot more.  We are enjoying each other and not worrying about the small stuff.  Things do not have to get done I assure you.  I have been stuck in a hospital for 6 days and the world has went on fine without me.  I can chill and let stuff go because all that matters is what was right there with me.  Family and friends!   I have never seen so may people call, text, visit, and pray for us!  It was so nice to know I didn't have to worry about work, or home and I could focus on my daughter.  I also know exactly how long my brain can work on no sleep at all and that is 3 nights/4 days.  It then will not process things correctly and I was not at all on my game.  But alas we are home and we are resting.  We have some follow up appointments and some recovery time needed.  She became very anemic with all the blood that was drawn.  She still has pain and is not at all 100% but we don't have fever and we are home which makes rest possible and we all need that.  So please don't get stressed out about work or even sewing just love and laugh and let the small stuff go!  I promise the world will not stop!  Blessing to you all

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  1. Stephanie, I'm glad to hear your baby is doing better. I'm praying for complete recovery and restoration.


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