Sunday, April 20, 2014

Finally Breathing

Well since I last spoke with you we have been to the hospital yet again.  We still have no idea what went on with my daughter, but she is a least doing better, so thank God for that.  Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers. 

So I have actually gotten some sewing done.  A few items I had to hurry and get them done and sent out so I forgot to take pictures :(!

I do have a project that I can show you now.  I have been patterning testing my rear end off lately.  I have to say I really like that.  It challenges me and forces me to have to do things I might not have tried.  Also love the quilts I have done.  Here is one that I can show you:

This is the front
 Ok so looking at these pics you really can't tell the colors.  It was a snowy day when these were taken.  The background is Kona Snow and the other is a bundle I won from the hemisphere quilt along.  Awesome!
Although the backing looks blue here is is a lovely purple color and I used Kona snow as the focus on the back. 

This pattern is called Modern Morocco by Aria Lane and designed by Tara Knight.   Very lovely pattern, and after the cutting it comes together pretty fast. 

These next ones are some bee blocks I have finished and actually got pictures of before sending lol.

I know you have seen me talk about my FB group I belong to Sew Swap it, well, we are starting a mystery quilt and there lovelies are my  fabric choice (super excited):
So that is what has been going on here.  I did just finish FMQing a baby quilt, but alas I can't reveal it, as it is another pattern I am testing.  I am not at all good or even decent at FMQing.  It is so sad really!

Please love on your kiddos!  I tell you, you do not know what a blessing it is to have a healthy child!  God bless you all on this lovely (here anyway) Easter Sunday! 

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