Friday, February 28, 2014

I'm Back with a giveaway! revised

Edit:  I totally forgot to put the details of the stash box in lol!  It is freezing rain, sleeting, thundering, and lightening.  What is up with that?  Anyway here are the details of the stash box and don't forget One comment for stash box and one for Craft it Forward.   Thanks

 Stash Box Rules and Regs:

  • Be an active blogger -- post about receiving the box and the giveaway in a timely manner
  • Update the travel log in the box to let others know where the box has been.
  • There is a list of rules and guidelines in the box -- be sure to follow these to keep the box full of quality items and the experience positive for everyone.
  • You may take any items from the box just be sure that you are replacing them with quality and comparable items. 
  • Ship box to the next person timely -- and communicate tracking information with recipient.
  • Shipping is within the US only

Important Things to Remember:

  • Please ensure that items in the box are quality. If items in the box are poor quality they should be removed. Items that are being removed can be offered for optional inclusion to the next recipient. Poor quality items can be discarded but this should be done with digression.
  • Only include items that you would be proud to own -- this is not a dumping ground for outdated or worn item.  
  • Items should be free of smoke, odors and pet hair
  • You must replace all items that you take with items of equal value and replacing with more than you take is welcome.

Wow have yall ever had one of those weeks that you thought would never end!  I had went through 4 internet providers and finally have one.  After finally getting internet I pull up at my parents house and all my dad's hay is on fire.  So we have been dealing with that, plus the usual running around.  So anyway hello again!!!!

Ok some things I have to get out there the remaining stashbox.

This is what was in the stash box
This is what I kept
This is what I added! There are half yard cuts, FQs and charm packs.
 I  have had this box for longer than I needed to have it.  I will leave it open till March 4th, choosing the winner March 5th.  It is a lovely box that has had a slight makeover.  I believe there are a couple vintage sheet pieces in there as well!  Please just comment that you want to have your name in for the box.  

Craft it Forward!

I received this lovely item from Terry at Terry's Treasures.  She was  doing a CIF and I was lucky enough to be included.  The details are below:

1. I will make a crafty gift for the first five people to comment on this post and say that they would like to be a part of Craft it Forward! This little gift is a surprise, and will arrive to you anytime within the next 9 months. 

2. To sign up to Craft it Forward, you need to commit to the project yourself. Once you receive the item from me, just post this (or something similar) on your blog so others can get involved. You then make them something and Craft it Forward continues on and on! 

 Leave a comment on this post telling me that you want to participate in Craft it Forward. Also, please be sure that I have a way to contact you so I can get your postal address (do not leave your postal address in the comment!) so I can get your crafty gift in the mail.

So please leave a separate comment if you want to be in CIF and the stash box you will need to leave 2 comments.   

And Finally a WIP:

Look at those scrap pieces.  I can't yet revel this project but it is super cute and I am actually almost done.  Well I was ahead until this week.  Deadline is next week so I better get back on track! 


  1. I'm so glad you gift arrived safe and sound! :0)

  2. Please put my name in for the stashbox. I'm hoping that your week has had a better ending,

  3. Oh how I hated reading that your Dad's hay caught on fire! May his loss be restored 1000 fold! I am happy to see that you now finally have working internet! !!

  4. Its wonderful when things work right! Hope things get resolved about your dad's hay. The stash box looks wonderful. Please put my name in for a chance.

    qlt7scrap at gmail dot com

  5. glad to see that you are back -- I'd love to win this TSB as it looks like you put some great stuff in there.

  6. I would also like to be included for your CIF

  7. Oh! Yes! I would very much like my name entered in the box. You really included a lot wonderful things. Giveaways are always welcome and very much appreciated. Thank you so very much

  8. I'd love to be entered to get the box! What a fun idea. I've been trying to find some fabric swaps online to participate in and this would be just that! I blog over at :)


  9. I would love to be included in your CIF and be in the draw for the TSB, so please enter me in both...thank you


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