Sunday, January 24, 2016

Winter Week is here

Wow what a week.  I have not put a full days work in this entire week with this winter weather.  Not that I am at all complaining!  I have been sewing my heart out.  I even sprang for a massage this week, which has really helped with my headaches!  Woo hoo relief! 

On to the projects:

These are Sugar Blocks for January of 2013, 2014, and 2016.  There was not a 2015 club.  As you can see I am way behind.  I thought I would just do them all at once and actually finish it this year!  You can find the information for 2016 Sugar Block club by Amy Gibson here.  It is a free Block of the Month and I have to say the 1st month is super cute so far!  Give it a try and tell Amy I sent you! 

Next up:

 This is the January Project for the Crafty Genini Quilt Club, information here.  I have to say I love this project.  The above I sent in a scrap bag fabric swap.  The next one here in the Mixology I made for my lil sweet pea to keep her homework list in.  The last one I made to match my purse I made.  Info for that in my last blog post here

The last projects I have been working on are from yet another quilt club, info here
 These tea towels were so fast and easy.  I absolutely love them!  Can't wait to see the next pattern.
As you can see this is not quilted, but I do have my quilt lines drawn out.  The pattern is called broken dishes, and yes that one block is supposed to be turned that way.  I think I will make this a wall hanging for a bathroom in the house.  It would be perfect.

As you can see I am in a lot of clubs.  I do this because I have no guild or anyone at all close to me that quilts or sews for that matter.  It is so wonderful to have this technology to connect with wonderful sewing friends.  Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you like all my projects and snow sewing!  Let me know what yall have been working on.  It has been super quiet on my posts lately.  Thanks and have a blessed week!

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