Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year! New Plans for 2016

Well I hope everyone had a very safe New Years Eve and are recovering nicely today :)!  We had my brother's family over and played cards and watched 80s movies.  I made it till probably 11:15 pm lol!  We had fun and everyone is safe so it was fabulous! 

I was a sewing mad woman this Christmas and did many handmade items.  2 quilts several bags and other items!  Here are a few as I am bad about getting pictures. 

There is the envelope quilt which I called Letters from Home and it just kind of happened.  I did not have a pattern although I am sure there are several out there.  The next is the Runaround bag that is a Craftsy class Zip it Up!  Then a Christmas tree table runner that MSQC made a tutorial on here.  Then the Jenna tote which is one of my fav patterns found here.  Then the barn star quilt pattern by Amy Gibson of Stitchory Dickory Dock pattern here.  There were others but alas it was a very busy time. 

 I must share some gifts I received from my wonderful husband.  For my birthday and Christmas. 

He handmade me a quilt ladder and a sewing table.  WHAT!!!!  The sewing table is from wood cut off our place even!  How totally awesome is that?!  I love him he totally gets me :) !

So what is new for 2016.  Well I plan to sew bags and other items to sell.  This is a huge step for me and I am very nervous if this is something I will like.  I have a fortune in sewing supplies and need to actually turn some type of income to support my habit lol!  My husband has been very supportive (pushing me) to do this, and it is is probably time.  I have a lot of requests for my bags and I think it will be ok.  I have decided to only do in-stock bags and not custom orders.  I think that will be much less stressful.  I think I will start on Etsy, but I have had an offer to place items in a local store here as well so I will need to think about that and the details that come with that.  I have made forms to figure up my time and materials per bag pattern and then decide on price.  I am not sure when I will launch everything but it will be this year.  I may even do some craft shows.  I need to get some wholesale accounts set up and it is a process.  Wish me luck! 

Another thing is I plan to do much better with blogging this every few month deal is not cutting it.  I do post more on Instagram, but I feel blogging has taken a hit and less information is passed on IG than on the blogs.  Organization will be key so that is why I jumped on the Quilter's Planner band wagon.  Just click the name and learn all about it.  I am super happy with mine and feel like it is a perfect fit!  I love it. 

So look for more interactions from me and the launch of my Etsy site.  I am super excited and I am super open to any tips and tricks with Etsy or starting a handmade business anyone has to offer.!  With the launch of all the new I decided to have a new email to be strictly business.  You can reach me at

 Thank you all for staying followers and have a very blessed New Year!

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