Tuesday, August 20, 2013

WE are IN!

Well we are in the house and I wanted to show you my little sewing room.  It is not as large as the spare bedroom of the old house, but it is for sewing only.  It has been a process let me tell you, or I wont.  Its done we are moved and I hope to never revisit the building moving process ever again!!!

One panic moment I will tell you about is that none of the plug-ins in the sewing room worked.  My heart was crushed.  After a strung wire we are all back in business and all out break down was averted.  You have to realize that I have not touched a machine since May, and then I plugged it in just to turn it on and look.  WT?@#$%%  nothing!  But again that is the past and I have a lovely sewing room that has fully functional outlets!

Ok so here goes: Oh and the Lord only knows where my actual camera is so these are phone pictures!

You walk in and there is a closet with shelves woo hoo!

Then a desk with my daughters machine on it.  Note the book shelf with a missing shelf.  Thanks movers!!!

Said missing shelf bookcase again and a lovely storage shelf thing my sister-in-law snagged for me at a yard sale.

The said storage shelf and cutting/pressing table...

You can see my design wall didn't make it through the move to well either.  erggg!

Oh and there she is my lovely missed machine with a view of the yard through the  window!!!!

Finishing up with a tote full of projects I have been collecting to get started on.  Oh and I know not one decoration on any wall, but I literally cleaned the last box out 5 min ago.  Give a girl some time :)!

Seriously it is so great to be moved in and I can not wait to get started making things for this house!!!  Thanks for sticking around through the absentness!

Oh and I am linking up with Ellison Lane Quilts on studio spotlight series.  Kinda perfect timing!

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  1. Take your time and enjoy the process. Too bad about the bookcase and design wall, but those can be projects, too! It's always difficult to move, and to be without sewing for months...well really, that's just too much to ask of a girl!


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