Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hello dear ones...

Well I have been quilting my fingers off (literally).  Two quilts all quilted and awaiting my favorite binding (insert sarcasm).  I have one more to cut piece, sandwich, quilt and bind before the big day!   Oh please let me get it done.  I have a big weekend and have not had the chance to sew.  My birthday (yeah yeah insert red face)  so we went out all day yesterday.  Today I have to study up for a forestry test next week.  Its a little harder to id trees without leaves so I need to brush up on my bark identification.  I know that sounds so thrilling!

This is how you take care of a rotary cutter run in when you do not have time to stop and find a band-aid!  yep that is how we roll!  All us hard core quilters are really worried about is not getting blood on the fabric and this worked pretty well! 

So I hope you are way more prepared with your gifts than I am and have some time to actually relax a little before Christmas (oh I also have not wrapped one present!)

Have a fabulous week and if I happen to actually finish something I will post pictures :)

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