Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Well hello!

Ok I have been playing catch up!  Deer season and every weekend at deer camp has cut into my computer time.  I finally finished my project for my lovely Sew Swap group!  Pictures below.  I am have also been working on the flannel from hell quilt!  I mean really though it is bad, and I was not mentally prepared.  It has been the most long drawn out process, but now just some boarders!  No pictures yet!  I also made a list of things to get my butt in gear on!  Christmas is coming soooooon!!!!  I seem to have a pile of quilt tops building up that is making me a little nervous.  Just wanted to pop by.

Remember if we ever make it to 20 a giveaway!!

Mug Rugs

Table Runner
I included a few extra goodies but that is a surprise.  However, I did not include a note so who the heck it is from maybe a surprise, if they don't happen to see the return address. 

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