Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Summertime slow down

Hello all and happy summer!

We are literally just starting summer this week here on the farm.  It has rained everyday for what seems like 2 solid months.  I am not complaining as rain is needed especially for a farm, however, everything in moderation, right!  So this week promises no rain and highs in the 90s which my tomatoes should really appreciate.  All the farmers too, it is hay season here in my area and well wet hay is not a good thing.  So...

Well I think i mentioned that I had the privileged of making a quilt for Art Gallery Fabrics.   This quilt was for spring market and featured their denim.   I had such fum working with their fabrics.  If you have been following along you know I LOVE Art Gallery Fabrics.  Well I was told not to show it due to revel at market or something along those lines, so I assume since market is over it will be ok.  I have to say I really did like this finished product.

I was given a lot of scraps and some of the denim and free range.  This is a pattern inspired by Jeni Bakers book The half square triangle.  I say inspired because it is not exactly any of those patterns but I did take inspiration from them and it is pretty close.  I always want to give credit!  So this was due the 1st part of May.

Then comes my nephew graduations, and I took it upon myself to design him a quilt.   My nephew is well picky to say the least and he was the youngest before my child.  He has been all over me about when will I make him a quilt since "everyone"  else has a quilt.  I told him graduation so I was on the hook.  Needless to say that became 2 good size quilts within about two weeks of each other.  He played football and at one time (last I heard) he wanted to be a coach.  I made him a football field.  Wouldn't ya know it now he doesn't want to be a coach so well I tried!  I pieced this entire football field together did all the math and everything.  I could not find any kind of pattern at all.  So this is an original with no type of inspired by lol!  I think it turned out pretty decent!  I actually think he liked it.  (he doesn't like anything so that is pretty big).

So after that roller coaster of a May I got burnt out.  I hate when that happens because I do love sewing and well my work situation is very weird right now.  The cliff note part is I have a new job, but no boss yet (which sounds fabulous but...)  so I have to just do whatever and of course its the worst jobs no one wants.  So sewing is my stress reliever but it was stressing me too.  I have taken a SSSSLLLLOOOWWW down on that front.  I am catching up on all my BOM, bags etc that took a huge back burner from the have to sewing.  I started on the Sugar Block Club blocks 1st.   This is by my friend Amy Gibson who really is the sweetest in person as she seems on her blog.  I have to say a slow down is perfect.  I have been "intentionally"  piecing each block and really taking the process in.  I am loving it!  Not rushing not trying to hurry cause a deadline is close.  I am so enjoying it, and learning!  I am really learning the different techniques in each block.  If you will remember I am doing a 3 years at the same time lol!  I overwhelm myself it is a curse!  I have caught up completely with the 1st year Jan-June and am working on year 2 now.  I will be caught up with all 3 years to June this month and back on track!  

Year 1 blocks Jan-June

Year 2 Jan-Mar so far

I have also let the Bag of the Month fall to side.  Yall know I love bags.  I have only got 2 patterns done right now, and there are 6 so that makes me a little sad.  I have one pattern that I am itching to try before the whole thing is over so I can submit it for the giveaways.  I will be trying to get it done this month also.  I know that sounds like a lot but I have about 8 blocks left and 1 bag.  That seems doable for the end of the month.  Also be looking for a tutorial coming about inserting a zipper.  I have found a very handy tip.  I will work that in on the bag making.  

I hope everyone is well and enjoying this warm weather if it is warm where you are.  Blessing to you all!

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