Saturday, July 18, 2015

Summer time

Well we just had a wonderful day on the creek behind our house wade fishing.  Of course in such an event you do not bring a phone or camera.  We caught a ton of little sunfish and it was just a fun time.  Shelby caught the 1st fish so she was beside herself for the rest of the trip.  Such a good family time and wow what a workout!

We also cleaned out the garage.  In doing so an old sewing table that I had from a few moves that was in an old house I had is getting cleaned up and moved into the sewing room.  I also have some peg board that needs installed.  I will take some sewing room make over pictures.  I love having a sewing room even if it is a tiny little space it is all my space!

So new things I have been doing.  Wait for it, wait for it..... I sewed a dress!  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?  I can not.  I have never even attempted garment sewing and really am not that great at sewing a button on.  I have a good friend I met at sew south  and was my roommate and she was all about garments and in particular sew caroline  patterns.  We all actually got one in our fabulous swag bag at sew south.  I ordered the tank dress  pattern and I actually did it, and it turned out ok, and I actually wore it to church.  The hubs took pictures, and well I wish either my arms were not as chubby as the are or that angle is not good.  Yeah it is the angle!  (more wade fishing workouts)

So there it is, and there I am!  I have to say this was not at all bad and I really got a lot of compliments on it at church, and they couldn't believe I made it.  I made it out of Lawn fabric and I am pretty sure the fabric is London Calling Falling Leaves in Black.  I really like it and it was easy to work with.  Very soft feel also.

I also made this cute little bag.

It is the Seneca Creek Bag by betz white.  It was the May bag in the bag of the month club which has ended now.  I have to say I love this bag it is the cutest, and that is wild and free fabric.

Well I am off to polish a sewing table and paint a peg board.  I hope everyone is having a great summer and keeping cool! 

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  1. Sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday! You AND the dress look great! I is a wonderful thing to have your very own sewing space!


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