Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A finish for myself!

Well I am home sick today  I woke up with a terrible headache and well it has me down for the count.  My head is feeling better, but I try to do anything and I get very dizzy and extremely sick to my stomach.  I have wanted to sew so bad all day, but I just can't.  I hate this, but it is what it is.  At least they are getting less.  I go back to the clinic next Monday for a followup on the botox.  Then next month for the 2nd round.  I wish there was a cure or whatever for migraines, but not so much.  I pray that my daughter will not have to go through this.  I am the first in my family to have them, and "they" say they are genetic, but I suppose they had to start with someone at one time. 

So enough of that.  I did manage to uncover from my newly finished quilt long enough to walk to the deck and photo it.  So here it is a quilt I actually made for myself!  I am calling it the reversible quilt, the front is a jelly roll using the jelly roll jam II from the fat quarter shop.  The back is just a layer cake all sewn together.  The fabric line escapes me, but I do love all the colors.  I boarded the front in linen, and that is the 1st time I have mixed fabrics and I really liked it.  I quilted it in straight lines 1/2 apart.  I really like how that turned out.  It was bound with just a brown binding most likely Kona something.  So there it is:  
This is the front.  I love how it all worked out and the colors.  It is just fresh and crisp!  It is all country colors, which we all know how country this house it :).
 This is the back and I love how it looks as well. 
 The binding.  I have gotten so much better about binding.  I had put a quilt in the fair and actually won 1st place with and they picked me off about the binding so I have been practicing.  

I just noticed I never told you about my fair win.  First time ever enter a quilt into much of anything (I donated to a friends auction) and I got 1st place and $5.

This is the hemisphere quilt.  I tested this pattern and it can be purchased here.  This is the most challenging a favorite quilts I have done.  I love it!

Needless to say the $5 came about 2 months later, and I had no idea it was coming or anything about money at all.  In fact I literally thought it was a bill for an entry fee.  I say it and was so excited!  My husband laughed and laughed at me saying he bet I have never been excited about $5 before.  It was great and it made me feel good about my work.  I will enter more quilts, even thought the older crowed is not all that friendly to me about it up there, and it would appear that if you don't hand quilt well then you are not a quilter.  Well my $5 says different lol!  I don't look to ever win Grand Champion due to the aforementioned issues, since the judges are this particular older crowd.  These are the reasons I love the bloggy world because it is really my only support network on quilting.  Thank you all!!  Have a wonderful week!


  1. congrats!!! love the colors in your hemisphere quilt.

  2. Yeah, you really can't listen to the crowd that says hand-quilting is the only real quilting! And trust me, not *all* older quilters are that way, either! I'm sorry that's what's in your physical community, though -- one of my favorite aspects of quilting is sharing it with my pals and having stitchins and such. Shame on those women! Your work is beautiful! :)


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