Sunday, March 24, 2013

I am still here I promise

Well hello strangers!  It has been a while since I have gotten to actually have time to type anything.  I am in full swing relocation (that is the official government term).  I have had more meeting and tours of my current home than anyone can imagine!  It is a VERY thorough process to say the least.  I am hopeful to put my house on the market next week, and then starts the scary, hopeful to sell quick but not too quick since I can't leave here till the end of May!  Then there is the house demolition and building.  Wow if you want a work out weight loss program I totally recommend tearing down a house it will completely work every muscle in your WHOLE body, and OMG they will be telling you about it later.  I can barely walk and that is no joke, but on a side note I have lost 12 lbs :).  So all week work and house meetings, then all weekend other house demo or rebuild.  Finished tearing down the old shell (for now) and will be ready to start with the new this week.  Needless to say I have not had much time to sew anything.  I  (sniff sniff) had to pack up most of my fabric and things to declutter for showings and such.  I have to say that was kind of a blow and hit me a little harder than I thought.  I did get to go visit my fabric and actually touch it this weekend.  My parents are fabric sitting :).  I am participating in a swap on my favorite Facebook group sew swap.  We are doing a tote swap and I had to enter.  I haven't made a tote (well just finished a practice one) and I really wanted and needed a reason to do it.  I will post some pictures when that is done.  Hopefully this week! 

I hope everyone is doing well!  I do apologize for being out of touch.  Oh....  Google reader is going away (grrrr!)  and if you are using it please don't forget to take me with you in your new chosen feed.  I follow so many blogs and chose to take all mine to bloglovin.  I have seen a lot of others go with that one.  I will be posting a  link in my gadgets as soon as I remember how to do that  :)!  Anyway happy Sunday and I hope everyone has a Blessed Holy week!

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